And Sometimes When It Rains It Pours…

The saying holds true, “when it rains, it pours.” That’s exactly how last night and this morning unfolded. 

Since August my family and I have been living the full time RV life. It has been great. The scenery has been awesome. The experiences will last a lifetime. But when your RV doesn’t work right things get really complicated.

So this time of year in the high desert you use your AC during the day and then turn your heater on at night. (Don’t ask I’m not in the high desert by choice, and when I say high desert I mean the stretch of land between Hesperia And Barstow CA) 

So as usual we are out doing our daily routine, running errands and we end up staying out all day. We come back to the RV to kickback, watch some movies, and cuddle under the blankets. The temperature inside is about 60 degrees F or so. I go to turn on the heater and… wait for it…wait for it…wait a minute, nothing is happening. I go outside the trailer to find two empty propane tanks, the water heater is leaking, and the furnace won’t kick over. I wanted to scream, not to mention it was cold as all get out. 

It turns out the water heater looks like it has been leaking all day as evidenced by the puddle on the ground. I have no clue why the furnace won’t kick on, and well the propane is my fault. I kinda knew they were running low. 

So after countless on YouTube I found out how to fix a majority of my problems. By the time I finished everything was closed. So as it turned out. We had to bundle up like Eskimos and hide under 4 comforters, but we made it. Frozen, but alive. 

Needless to say I was up at the crack of dawn getting the parts I needed. Turns out that when the propane went out that caused the furnace to shut off and tripped a cutoff switch causing the heat not to come on. While at the same time a faulty drain plug finally decided to fail and the leak caused the water heater to shutdown. Even after fixing the propane issue, it wasn’t until I fixed the water heater that the furnace finally decided to work again. How are they related? Beats me, but everything is up and running now. 

So if you have an Atwood Water Heater n your RV be aware that the factory drain will fail at some point. I was able to find a replacement at Lowe’s. Not Home Depot, but Lowe’s. It cost me $1.80 for two plugs. Here is a picture of the old and new one. 

old vs new

As you can see, the bottom of the old drain plug is starting to crack. Let me remind you my RV unit is brand new, only a month old. I am going to put the link of the YouTube video that walks you through the entire process beginning to end. Failed Drain Plug

I hope you never experience this series of unfortunate events, but if you do at least now you will be prepared. Learn from my mistakes. And remember keep calm and travel on! 

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